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Wherever the system is installed, whether it is in Europe, Canada, or Australia, our Field Service is available to provide assistance. The service provision is centrally organised, whether it is performed by our own employees, or by selected and trained partners.

Our Field Service offers a wide range of services for this area. The service deployments do not just cover components such as switchgear, PLCs, motor starter as well as control circuit devices, but also customised system solutions and power distribution systems.

The Field Service provides quick and competent emergency assistance when machines or systems are at a standstill. This includes the world-wide procurement of replacement parts or a telephone consultation service for analysis of malfunctions.
Furthermore, our Field Service is the ideal partner for tailor-made service, maintenance, and consultation contracts that provide both reliability and flexibility. And this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

  • Moeller Helpline
  • Moeller Onsite Service
  • Moeller Repairs
  • Moeller Online Service
  • Moeller Service contracts.





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