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Moeller CurveSelect Characteristics program for short-circuit and overload protection devices

Simple visualisation, comparison and documentation of
tripping curves

Curve Select V1.06

Moeller CurveSelect is a free-of-charge tool that offers evaluation of tripping characteristics of several protective devices on the same time and current scale.
It makes an immediate check of selectivity between low-voltage protection devices significantly easier e.g. Moeller NZM (MCCBs) and IZM (ACBs), PKZ (MPCBs) and ZB overload relays, miniature circuit breakers (MCBs) as well as HBC fuses.

FreeStyleCurves (FSC) allow direct comparison of:

Moeller CurveSelect supports planning and documentation of your system in 11 languages.

Moeller CurveSelect Characteristics program for protective devices

(6,9 MB)   You can download the Moeller CurveSelect V1.06
free-of-charge. Simply register!


(866 KB)   Here you can download samples of FSC.


(322 KB)   Special technical report: 'Setting-Specific Representation of Tripping Characteristics and Competent Assessment of their Interaction.'



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